We improve employee
engagement and productivity.
We then reinvest that revenue by teaching
leadership and financial literacy classes in low
socioeconomic communities.

Why we get up in the morning

We envision a world in which violence and poverty in low socioeconomic communities have been eradicated. To make this vision a reality, we offer our life-changing programs in those communities whose need is greatest. Each time your organization engages Spark to ignite your workforce or to launch students toward success, you’re also helping to ignite the same spark in challenged communities worldwide.

What is Spark all about?

Spark Mindset is a social enterprise¬†focused on increasing businesses’ profit margin by evaluating and improving company culture, increasing student retention rates, and helping people discover and reach their full potential through our evidence-based programs.

With the revenue generated from these initiatives, Spark increases the opportunities for those living in poor and impoverished communities worldwide with leadership and financial literacy training.