Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance. -Verna Myers


Is your team stuck? Are your people paddling in different directions? Does your organization visibly support a diverse and inclusive culture? Do you want to maximize your employee’s strengths and improve efficiency?


The Spark program is designed to help companies create diverse and inclusive cultures. Companies and institutions are achieving better performance. We help organizations take full advantage of the opportunity that diverse leadership teams represent. 


1. Cultural Assessment
Change Culture Discovery Tool to Cultural Assessment - Designed by the Spark Mindset team and evaluated by an independent research company, the Cultural Assessment ensures our ability to examine cultural dynamics that are unique to your organization. By measuring 15 points within an organization, our assessment addresses the culture, diversity and inclusion strengths and weaknesses within your organization and is a starting point for the discussion about needed steps of action on the road to organizational change.
2. Individual Assessments
As part of the pre-training assessment, organizations are required to take to DISC and Emotional Intelligence assessments. After the employees have completed their assessments, Spark will provided an asset map of employee’s individual strengths and weaknesses across the organization.
3. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) & Corporate Culture Training
During this researched-based, D&I and culture training program, employees will learn how to build an inclusive community, take ownership of their work, develop grit, enhance their communication skills, develop teamwork skills, and discover how their purpose aligns with the organization’s mission.
4. D&I and Corporate Culture Development
Spark will work with a 5-7 person team to go through a human design process to create a culture of inclusion and improve the overall corporate culture.
5. 30-60-90 Follow Up
During the 90 days following the Diversity and Inclusion and Corporate Culture process, Spark will check-in monthly to assess the progress, assist with challenges, and to help successfully implement the solutions that comes out of the design process.
6. Diversity and Inclusion & Corporate Plan
Brief for HR and/or others from the executive team to incorporate action steps into the talent management process.
7. Monitoring Dashboard (Coming Soon)
The Dashboard will allow an organization to have real-time visibility and insight to performance measurements within their corporate culture.

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