Spark Mindset Team

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

– William James

Lawrence Wagner


Lawrence Wagner is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Spark Mindset. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Lawrence has over ten years of project management experience, along with a background in military, non-profits, high-tech business, and personal volunteerism. Prior to Spark Mindset, Lawrence was one of the founders of 1 Million Cups Colorado Springs and the founder of Connect! Colorado Springs.

Lawrence has a passion for helping others and creating community. He believes this will positively impact individuals and the organizations they are part of. Lawrence believes his innovative and professional approach along with skills in group facilitation, listening, giving and receiving feedback, and willingness to learn will benefit those involved with Spark Mindset.

Lawrence has had a huge desire to make Colorado an insanely great place to live, and now wants to take that passion to communities across the world. In addition, Lawrence has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys partnering with entrepreneurs, investors, and other organizations to strengthen the global entrepreneurial community.

Lawrence has a Masters Degree in Business Management from Colorado Technical University. He also received leadership training from the Leadership Pikes Peak Signature Program and Center for Creative Leadership’s Community Leadership Program. Lawrence is a huge fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes and the 2016 NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Erin Sullivan


Erin is the Social Media Intern for Spark Mindset; she strives to spread awareness of the awesome materials the company has developed. At the University of Denver she is pursuing majors in Spanish and Marketing, as well as minors in Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is one of her passions and she is eager to learn more about it in the Denver area. She is also very passionate about sustainable agriculture and urban farming, and aspires to combine these interests to start her own business. Erin is proud to be a fifth generation Coloradan and loves hiking, biking, and camping.

She strongly believes in the power of small businesses to create social change and thinks that Spark Mindset is an excellent example of this. Erin is continuously learning about the importance of growth mindset and the opportunities that come with it. She is excited to help the Denver community with the resources Spark Mindset has to offer.

Micki Cockrille


Originally from New Jersey, but considering himself a Colorado Native, Micki has lived the majority of his life in the Pikes Peak Region. While attending the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Micki began developing a passion for both marketing and human resources. To Micki, human resources was more than just managing human capital; he saw the future of the field in developing people internally and putting them first in the company. Simultaneously, Micki began his marketing career interning at the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center.

After graduating with a B.S. in Business emphasizing in HRMG and minoring in Marketing, Micki came to an epiphany: what human resources, marketing, and business had in common was simple – people. Micki discovered his true passion: helping people grow in their company by becoming empowered and by giving them vitality. Micki realized that when people are equipped and given a purpose, they excel in their organizations, a model that benefits not only the employees but management and stakeholders as well.

Currently, Micki spends his professional career practicing community management for startups, volunteering at Colorado Springs’ 1 Million Cups chapter, engaging in cyber security design thinking sprints, and growing Spark Mindset. When Micki is not collaborating in the Front Range business world, you can most likely find Micki exploring any possible outdoor activity in Colorado, gaming virtually or on the tabletop, and loving every minute of Colorado culture.

Lindsay McCune


Lindsey is a Spark Mindset facilitator. She is a certified coach and dynamic presenter, speaker and facilitator working with individuals, teams, and organizations that wish to connect more fully to what they want and to create a road map to it. Lindsey has spent the entirety of her career being a catalyst for connection, seeing the parts that fit, facilitating the summation of those parts, and removing obstacles. In working with Spark Mindset, she has expanded her love of coaching and training for objectives; helping others fulfill their potential in life and work whilst being an ultimate resource for the development of self and allied teams.  

Lindsey is a Denver native with a BS in both International Business and Marketing from the University of Colorado, is a graduate of the prestigious Leadership Ascent program, and is continually expanding her practice in leadership development and transformation.  Lindsey is a huge fan of the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos, believes yoga is magic, spends lots of time with her nose in a book (or twelve), and dancing just for the fun of it.