Rachel Isaman, Executive Director, TiE Rockies

Lawrence Wagner’s workshop at our Business 4 Breakfast event brought out the community’s excitement for discussing diversity and inclusion. This was one of our most interactive sessions yet! I really enjoyed that Lawrence not only touched on the important social implications but the strategic business benefits of having a more diverse and inclusive company culture, as well.”


Ent Credit Union


“Lawrence is a great speaker for any corporate function on Generational Diversity in the Workplace or Organizational Culture. His understanding of the dynamics on these topics provided me with relevant information that was tied into our everyday environment. Lawrence’s presentation was not only well-researched and detailed, but it was also loaded with great recommendations on how any industry can better relate amongst age groups. His presentation style was charismatic, captivating, inspiring and most important, informative. The group of attendees was engaged, and those in attendance were extremely pleased with the entire workshop.”


Eldon Gates, CEO, Synthesis Engineering Services


“Lawrence was recommended to me as someone to run a design sprint. After a few discussions I decided he was just the right guy, and certainly he was. He encouraged our team to think creatively while handling all the peripheral stuff. Lawrence empowered the team to solve product challenges through collaboration and testing of the MVP prototype. His insight was excellent, as was his ability to keep the meetings on track. Greatly appreciated having him facilitate the design sprint. I highly recommend him for your design sprint needs.”


Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center


“After working with Spark Mindset as a workshop facilitator/partner for the last year on company culture/generational diversity…we can say that Spark Mindset is an extraordinarily talented company in understanding a culture and employee engagement resources for any business. Spark Mindset is well informed on generational diversity and productivity issues, and their corporate workshops and training are desperately needed in the marketplace.”

Department of Human Services


“The Grit workshop provided me encouragement and the direction/guidance on how to allow children to fail and gain the experience they need to truly grow from the experience.”

Richard Flanders

“I had the opportunity to attend one of Spark Mindset’s seminars on Generational Diversity/Millennials in the Workplace and Spark’s assessments and insights were exactly correct. I am a baby boomer who left a long and successful corporate career in order to find and fulfill my personal passion for making a difference in my local community. I recently accepted a position with a local company that is very much multigenerational. Millennials outnumber the boomers by 5 to 1.

While I love the diversity Millennials bring, I struggled with their attitudes and work ethic. After attending your seminar I now have a better understanding of what motivates and drives my young colleagues. And I must say that it has made a world of difference for me. I would highly recommend anyone looking to employ or manage a multigenerational workforce to engage with Spark Mindset.”